Boston Digital* Arm with Multi-Articulating Hands

Boston Digital* Arm with Multi-Articulating Hands from Liberating Technologies, Inc.

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Liberating Technologies’ Boston Digital* Arm has recently been upgraded to accommodate the new generation of multi-articulating hands, including bebionic* and iLimb Plus*. This upgrade enables humeral-level amputees who require a powered elbow prosthesis to benefit from the improved dexterity of these new hands.

Multi-articulating hands have more motors than traditional hands and therefore consume more energy. As a result, traditional batteries seldom have enough capacity to operate a powered elbow prosthesis all day with these hands. LTI has developed a new Lithium-polymer battery for the Boston Arm that can supply enough power to operate the elbow, wrist rotator and a multi-articulating hand for a full day without adding a second battery for the hand. Not only is this much more convenient for the user, but it reduces the weight of the prosthesis. At just 172 grams, this 2000 mAHr battery is 30% lighter than the previous battery. Now humeral level patients can choose any terminal device on the market today and can interchange electric hands, grippers and multi-articulating hands using a quick disconnect wrist.

The Boston Arm has also undergone a face lift with new high-strength urethane molded forearm and battery covers. A state-of-charge indicator has been added to the battery to assure the user of adequate charge.

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