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TRS Inc. was formed in 1979, by upper limb amputee Bob Radocy, who was frustrated by the limited performance of commercially available prosthetic devices. He lost his left hand about four inches below the elbow in an auto accident in 1971. Bob experimented with all types of prosthetic devices. In 1977, while in graduate school, he applied his engineering and biological sciences education and design experience to create a high performance, prehensor which allowed him to be competitive with two handed peers in any activity he chose. Thus in 1980, the GRIP prehensile hand was first manufactured. Since then, TRS has grown to become the leading innovator of body-powered prosthetic devices in the world. TRS remains specialized. We design and build only high quality technology for persons missing a hand(s). The company has become recognized world-wide for its high performance sports and recreational prosthetic accessories. TRS also builds a unique line of cosmetically correct feet for infants.

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TRS Prosthetics

TRS Prosthetics

TRS Inc. was formed in 1979 by amputee designer Bob Radocy and has now been providing high quality prosthetic components to the profession and consumers for forty years or more. TRS specializes in high performance upper extremity products but also produces an innovative line of small prosthetic feet for children. We successfully reintroduced the concept of voluntary closing prehensor technology (GRIP Prehensors) to the industry in 1980 and we are the only company in the world producing, body powered, voluntary closing prehensors and hands for children.
TRS is the world leader and innovator in developing, and manufacturing “Activity Specific” and sports and recreational upper extremity prosthetic accessories. We design these products to enable consumers with a hand absence to be competitive in any activity with their two-handed peers. Golf, swimming, kayaking, weight training, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, skiing, mountain biking, road biking, archery, fishing and more are now all within your reach, with our high performance prosthetic solutions.
TRS also provides custom solutions for those seeking exceptional, possibly one of a kind, prosthetic technology!

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