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Working for the good of the O&P field started with our organization in 1995, and since then, the OPIE Team has created tools to help O&P practices to “Work Smarter, Not Harder™”. From managing the oandp.list to creating to developing the OPIE Practice Management Software, the OPIE Team has successfully created digital solutions to bring O&P knowledge, experience, and data together for the benefit of O&P patients.

The OPIE Choice Network is the next step in the evolutionary process of creating solutions to help O&P practices remain sustainable in the changing healthcare environment. By creating a network of independent O&P practices from around the country, this uniquely designed organization -
o Stimulates collaboration and collective efforts
o Utilizes data to drive the entire O&P Profession forward and change the conversation with payers
o Group Purchasing Organization handles product procurement in an entirely new, efficient way
o Provides access to Business Intelligence Dashboards that display snapshots of your practice in real-time
o Members receive discounts on user training and education