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Cranial Reshaping Orthosis

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For over 45 years, Danmar has been making helmets and headgear for therapeutic and recreational use. Our experienced developers will design and manufacture a reshaping orthosis for your infant. Talk to your Orthotist, or contact Danmar Products to find a qualified Orthotist in your area, and see if this highly effective therapy treatment is right for your baby.

Two styles of cranial reshaping orthoses or what some call “Baby Helmets” are manufactured by Danmar Products, which address one common medical condition known as “Flat Head Syndrome”. The cranial orthosis is a prescriptive device, not a protective device.

One of our cranial orthosis styles is the Michigan Cranial Reshaping Orthosis (MCRO). This involves making an orthosis from a cast or a digital scan of the child’s cranial surface. The other style has two sizes available for immediate fittings. This is a Cranial Adjustive Prosthesis, or a C.A.P.

Both styles are used to treat infants and babies diagnosed with Plagiocephaly and Brachycephaly shaped heads. See Flat Head Syndrome for more information: The medical professional who evaluates your child will be able to select which style is the most beneficial and best fit for your child, based upon the degree of Positional Head Deformity (PHD).
Michigan Cranial Reshaping Orthosis

The Michigan Cranial Reshaping Orthosis is an orthotic device that shapes the cranium to improve cranial symmetry. It is constructed out of moldable plastic and foam that is formed to each individual child’s specific shape and needs. This is to ensure proper fit for infants with plagiocephalic and brachycephalic shaped heads.

C.A.P. Cranial Reshaping Orthosis
When a baby’s abnormal head shape is noticed pediatricians, pediatric neurosurgeons and plastic surgeons are consulted to determine the appropriateness of the C.A.P. Cranial Reshaping Orthosis. Babies from 3 to 14 months of age can generally be successfully treated with this type of infant helmet therapy.