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John Mitchell, a Wayland Iowa based designer of medical instruments and models, established MD Orthopaedics in 2003 for the purpose of providing an effective, patient friendly device to assist in the treatment of clubfoot. This device is a significant component of the "Ponseti Method" which has become the most popular and effective alternative to orthopaedic surgery.

Dr. Ignacio Ponseti, an orthopaedic surgeon, developed this technique during his 63 year tenure at the University of Iowa Hospitals. The University of Iowa has a well known and prestigious orthopaedic surgery department. Over those 63 years, Dr. Ponseti has become one of the most renowned and respected orthopaedic surgeons worldwide with his method and practices well published.

The Ponseti technique involves the use of four to five casts, to manipulate the foot so to correct the deformity. This procedure, performed by a physician or qualified health professional, should start as soon after birth as possible as the foot is most easily manipulated at that stage of development. An AFO(ankle and foot orthosis) brace, as designed by John Mitchell, is then attached to patient's feet to continue the manipulation process and prevent relapses of the deformity.

Located less than one hour from Dr. Ponseti and the University of Iowa, MD Orthopaedics has enjoyed a close working relationship with Dr. Ponseti.