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Diabetes cant be cured, but it can be fought. Dont let it take you out early.

shoes for people with Diabetes by George Foreman.

As a diabetic patient, you are entitled to therapeutic shoes and inserts under the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Bill. If you have Medicare and secondary private insurance, there is no cost to you at all. Medicare and your secondary insurance completely pay for the shoes. If you do not have secondary insurance there is a nominal $67 charge.

To find a Participating InSrtride Retailer nearest you just click on our Store Locator. The store will make sure the new shoes you select are properly fitted and an impression will be taken of your feet. When ready, your new shoes and custom molded inserts will be sent to that same store and you will be notified to come in for a final fitting. This usually takes 2-3 weeks.

We look forward to helping you throughout the entire process and guarantee you our assistance in receiving wonderful care and attention.

I look forward to helping you keep your feet healthy and useful for many years and remember, Fight the Good Fight!


George Forman

At NO COST TO YOU with Medicare and Supplemental Insurance

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