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The SureStep Dynamic Stabilizing System offers a new and improved orthosis, which far exceeds the performance of traditional rigid bracing systems and other "dynamic" systems. Our unique patented concept revolutionizes the orthotic management of pronation among the pediatric population. The SureStep system gives new hope to children with low muscle tone who realize moderate to severe pronation. Physicians, physical therapists and orthotists who have been reluctant to recommend bracing for these children, due to the functional limitations that often result, can now be secure in the knowledge that these children can be comfortably stabilized, while improving functionally. Children who wear SureStep will not only have more stability, but through this stability, they will begin to realize improved balance and coordination. This will result in more walking, running and less tripping and falling. The unique features of the patented custom fabricated SureStep system include special trim lines, the extremely thin and flexible plastic from which it is made, the compression principle on which it works and best of all, NO CASTING NECESSARY!