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Alps South LLC’s expertise with silicone reaches back over twenty (20) years when Dr. Aldo Laghi, Alps South Corporation's President, worked with some of the original inventors of silicone products and processes at General Electric. Alps has become an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced silicone-base products. Alps' expertise has expanded their knowledge in providing advancement in the prosthetic and medical device industry.

The first factory was opened in New York in 1988. In 1994 Alps relocated the operations to Florida where we currently have two three divisions: Prosthetics, Patient Care and Silicone. The unparalleled combination of softness, strength and elasticity of the ALPS EasyGel provides the comfort and durability users expect. While the lower coefficient of friction found only with the EasyGel relieves the skin of any shear forces. Here are some built-in features that can be found in the EasyLiner from ALPS: Reinforced Searms improve durability and appearance.

The Distal end has been re-engineered to maximize stability and strength without compromising comfort. High Performance Fabric to improve durability. Longer lengths to accommodate more users. Available in three different configurations: 3mm uniform, 6mm uniform, from 6mm at distal end to 3mm tapered.