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The A-Pear™ System

A-Pear Biometric Replications, Inc. is offering a state of the art custom life like prosthetic fabrication system.

We at a-pear™ share the goal of providing the finest custom prosthesis possible for each individual. We go beyond standard manufacturing and fitting practices by having our exceptional staff of scientists and artists use cutting edge techniques, workmanship and technology.

The end result is unlike any other prosthesis, with an increase in visual and functional satisfaction and a decrease in manufacturing time. Through our exclusive and proprietary process, a-pear™ produces a unique, extraordinarily realistic likeness to the original, which is not compromised by the difficulty of physical manipulation or by adjustments of dimension and alignment required for fitting.

The skin is color matched by our distance color matching system, developed by artists and technicians with years of experience in the field of color. The system replicates each patients individual traits of color, markings, nails and hair.

Primary to our guiding principles is the care and consideration given to a patient. Each patients life situation is unique. Therefore, our consideration is not just to the finest quality product we can make for them, but also to the process they go through to achieve that end.
We recognize that each step taken in the manufacturing of a cosmetic prosthesis is a true collaboration between art and technology. We do not compromise either of these.

Exceptional scientists and artists, inspired by cutting edge techniques and materials, comprise a-pear™ staff that has pushed the limits of custom prosthetic technology. We are committed to providing the Highest quality life replicated cosmetic prostheses available.