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Epica Applied Technologies is a leading distributor of ROBOTICOM’s innovative robotic applications for the Orthotics & Prosthetics (O&P) market. ROBOTICOM is a brand of Epica International – a portfolio of companies across the globe dedicated to providing customized robotic systems that reduce processing time and expand businesses more efficiently.

Our expertise in robotics has made us a key O&P player with the ORTIS™, a 7-Axis Robotic Carving System designed specifically for the orthopedic market. ORTIS is used to produce custom-made prosthetics and orthotics models by carving any 3D shape to specifications from polyurethane, plaster, resin, plastic, foam, wood and other light materials. ORTIS is equipped with our proprietary in-house software ARPP®, that is the only all-in-one software specifically designed for the O&P market. ORTIS is a scalable solution so even in small workspaces, you can increase the speed and quality of your production.

The integration of an ORTIS to your facility will allow you:
• To expand into new business areas
• Create more flexibility in your production
• More efficiently utilize your manpower resources
• Reduce the processing time for AFO’s, KAFO’s, Helmets, Corsets, Sockets, Seating Systems, Mattresses and various other products.

What our customers saying about ORTIS?

“This investment in technology has helped us tremendously. Our costs of production went down and now instead of making one brace every few hours, we now make five”
Vincent Benenati, CEO
East Coast Orthotic & Prosthetics