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Manufacturers of the "Finest Mechanical Hand Made" *** If you want the BEST, it's a BECKER MECHANICAL HAND. Yes, we're willing to put it in writing -- Dont settle for less!

The mission of the BECKER Mechanical Hand Company is to provide the highest QUALITY, most DEPENDABLE, and most DURABLE mechanical hands. This is not a statement, but a commitment at BECKER Mechanical Hand. Specializing in customization, BECKER Mechanical Hand is all about CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. The BECKER Mechanical hands are meant to be used. Customer feedback supports our claims; our customers enjoy the benefits of having a quality, dependable, and durable product with high utility. Prosthetists who value customer satisfaction offer the BECKER Mechanical Hand to their clients. Over 70 years of engineering, manufacturing, and testing make the BECKER Mechanical Hand the standard of excellence throughout the world.

BECKER Mechanical Hand stands behind its products with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

BECKER Mechanical Hand also offers the LARGEST mechanical hands on the market. The Lockgrip model is available up to size 10. Products of The Becker Mechanical Hand Company include the Lockgrip and Imperial models.


●Full 5 finger Voluntary Opening
●Jointed fingers simulating your knuckle
●Automatic locking when hand is closed
●Semi-soft fingertips
●Tension grip adjustment
●Oval spring wire covering the fingers
●Single cable operation
●Our 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE.

The Lockgrip is a wood bodied hand, while the Imperial is constructed with a plastic body, these hands have substance. The Lockgrip is available in sizes 6 to 10. While the Imperial, available in size 8, also has separate 3rd and 4th finger action. The FINGERS WILL FORM AROUND AN IRREGULAR OBJECT. There is no weight restriction on the hand regarding lifting. If you can lift it, the BECKER hand will hold it or we fix it! 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!!! Custom made hands available upon request. Cosmetic gloves available.

For more information: Contact BECKER Mechanical Hand Company. And visit our website at