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Sole Supports Inc, is a privately-owned and operated company, founded by, Dr. Edward S. Glaser, DPM, in 1992. We are dedicated to providing a 100% custom calibrated foot orthotic.
Sole Supports™ is an industry innovator, engineering orthotics using the MASS (‘Maximum Arch Supination Stabilization’) Posture Theory.

“Foot Posture Bio-mechanics – MASS Theory” is unique: it looks at managing foot bio-mechanics from an engineering perspective. Sole Supports™ is immediately pertinent to all who are involved or interested in bio-mechanical management of the foot and lower kinetic chain.
We pride ourselves on our commitment to bio-mechanical research as it relates to understanding foot orthotics.
Our core value is "We Make People Better”. We realize healthy, functional feet are literally the foundation for a healthy body and an active life.
Sole Supports™ Are True Custom Orthotics