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FLO-TECH® O&P System, Inc.

The Signature Series APOPPS® (Adjustable Post-Operative Preparatory Prosthetic System) is designed to enhance post-operative, transtibial limb rehabilitation. FLO-TECH® O&P Systems, Inc.'s Signature Series is just 4 sizes; both 7" and 9" lengths, left and right, with: #1416 [MPT 14"-16"], #1618 [MPT 16"-18"], #1821 [MPT 18"-21"], and #2124 [MPT 21"-24"] provides a larger range and sustained use of the sockets for anatomical shaping of your patients. Our sockets give you more versatility for edema control, knee flection contracture management and aid against distal end breakdown! This Series will save money by having your inventory of only 4 sizes of each FLO-TECH-TOR™ , UFOS™ and VCSPS™ (custom sockets are available). Each socket has the same patented design & quality synonymous with the FLO-TECH® name.