Fred's Legs, Inc.

13300 -56 South Cleveland Avenue
Fort Meyers, FL 33907
United States


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Freds Legs, Inc. is the maker of SleeveArt® prosthetic suspension sleeve covers, and SleeveArt® laminating sleeves. SleeveArt® is available in more than 50 different styles, including some skin tones.

Our prosthetic suspension sleeve covers are a colorful, artistic, slippery stretchy spandex covering for the prosthetic suspension sleeve. It is easily removable and machine washable. While it is not intended to replace the suspension sleeve, it will extend the life of the suspension sleeve by protecting it from abrasions and dirt.

Our laminating sleeves are fabricated from the same colorful, artistic, slippery, stretchy spandex. SleeveArt® laminating sleeves are available in 5 different sizes for prosthetic sockets, as well as AFO, KAFO and Pediatric AFO sizes. Since the spandex has a 4-way stretch, it is easy to just pull it over your mold before the final lamination.

Our prosthetic sleeve savers help to preserve the gel lining, of gel lined suspension sleeves.

Check our website for the latest collection of more than 50 styles!