M. J. Markell Shoe Company, Inc.

504 Saw Mill River Road
Yonkers, NY 10701
United States

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Established in 1914 by Maurice J. Markell, the M.J. Markell Shoe Company began as a family shoe store specializing in comfort shoes, shoe corrections and orthopedic prescriptions.

M.J. Markell is credited as the originator of the Tarso Supinator® and the Tarso Pronator®, ready-made therapeutic footwear for children. In 1932, Markell presented the revolutionary new shoe concepts to doctors attending the national meetings of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Response was positive and shortly thereafter, Markell implemented an extensive marketing campaign for Tarso Shoes that included advertising and wholesaling the product nationwide. The wide acceptance of Tarso Shoes marked a significant advance in the care of children with valgus and varus foot disorders.

In 1953, a relocation to Yonkers, NY also brought a change in company direction- from family shoe store to wholesale shoe company. Relying on its experienced and dedicated staff, superior quality products and unparalleled customer service, the new company grew to supply medically related shoe and foot products to over 4,000 shoe stores and orthopedic facilities throughout the world.

Today Markell Shoe Company is the primary worldwide source for childrens orthopedic footwear,
and a leader in the area of clubfoot correction.
With the global acceptance of the Ponseti Method of Clubfoot correction,
Markell has revamped and updated their open-toe footwear and bars to
provide more comfort and control for children throughout the bracing phase of treatment.

In the past, Markell Shoe Company focused solely on children's therapeutic footwear. Today the company has expanded its line to include a wide variety of well known adult comfort products from Aetrex, Darco,Pulman, and others.

A family owned business for over three generations, Markell Shoe Company has become a tradition as well as an institution. Personal attention, technical expertise and dedicated service are the hallmarks of Markell's reputation in the medical footwear industry.