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The Ferrier Coupler provides you with options never before possible:

Enables a complete disconnect immediately below the socket in seconds without the removal the pants.

Can be used where only the upper (above the Coupler) or lower (below the Coupler) portion of the limb needs to be changed.

Allows for a temporary replacement limb.

Provides ease in exchanging various limbs.

We also provide the Terra-round all terrain foot for use with 30mm pylon.


Fourty five years as an Above Knee Amputee and being 200cm tall this one of the best prosthetic devises I have had installed in a limb. It permits easy removal of the the lower part of the prosthesis, this allows the socket to remain fitted to stump but allows 1. Being able to sit more comfortably in motor vehicles 2. Changing of foot ware 3. Changing of trousers 4. Change prosthesis for for different conditions; fitting Trowbridge Terra-Round Foot