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Our product is intentionally left uncovered because we are proud of our technology. Historically, injuries and amputations were treated as something to be covered by a sleeve, or made to look similar to the missing limb. In the current prosthetics community, there is a trend of showing off the amazing materials and engineering that goes into the creation of state of the art devices. The old age of cosmetic prostheses is turning into a new age of uncovered, naked prostheses; the stigma of injury and amputation has been replaced with an environment in which innovative prosthetic devices can be celebrated instead of hidden.

At Naked Prosthetics, our goal is not to hide injuries or amputations; instead we provide, simple, elegant, fully functional, and high-tech solutions that are worn with pride. Through the latest in prosthetic technology, we are dedicated to manufacturing rugged and functional prostheses that will ease you back into doing the everyday tasks and hobbies that you enjoy.

Product Showcase

MCPDriver™ Restores strength and articulation

MCPDriver™ Restores strength and articulation

The MCPDriver™ is for those amputees who read more