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EZClaim is an expert in the field of medical billing software. A variety of software and packages are offered to fit the needs of each client.

EZClaim Advanced software provides both paper and electronic billing, makes it easy for you to enter data, and prevents data entry mistakes.

EZClaim offers additional modules to allow the exportation of claim data to print image files or ANSI 837 files. Additional user licenses can be purchased to allow multiple users to access EZClaim.

When using EZClaim's Scheduler together with the medical billing software, all patient data is shared between the two programs. No more double data entry or data transfers that never seem to work correctly.

Patient's information entered or updated into one program automatically appears in the other. Once an appointment is completed, it can easily be transferred to EZClaim to create a claim for billing, allowing your billing staff to focus on getting claims paid.

EZClaim Electronic Billing

EZClaim is proud to offer ANSI 837 Professional Insurance Billing. This software can send insurance claims straight to the payers and processors that use the ANSI 837 format. The best thing about this program is that you will not have a fee on each claim.

EZClaim also offers electronic packages for Clearinghouse billing. You will receive unlimited insurance claim and ERA transactions with these packages.

Electronic billing is extremely convenient and will provide you with an extra hand to help your business. When you use electronic billing it will reduce the amount of waiting time, save you money on postage, and reduce costly errors.