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Lower limb amputees deserve more from their prosthetics. More freedom. More comfort. More opportunities to move forward without being held back by the limitations of traditional carbon prosthetic devices. Ability Dyamics` state-of the-art prosthetic foot products focus on flexibility like nothing else on the market today. The unique glass composite and innovative design demonstrates radical simplicity and helps to eliminate the frustrations that prosthetists and amputees face today.

Amputees report an unmatched range of motion from the roll-through design allowing for a super smooth transition from heel strike through toe-off with no dead spots in between. The RUSH Foot® helps maintain a natural, smooth gait even in rugged or uneven terrain.

The performance of our RUSH™ foot speaks for itself. Virtually indestructible even in the most extreme conditions. Carbon feet don’t stand a chance. One foot for all your adventures!

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