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Alternative Prosthetic Services Inc. is the national leader in custom silicone restoration. We are an on-site restoration service providing custom form-fitting silicone rubber prostheses for a variety of amputations. The prostheses that we create are highly realistic in appearance, replicating each patient's unique skin texture, color, and anatomy. APS distinguishes ourself from the competition by implementing the most comprehensive clinical care and artistic precision. Now celebrating our twentieth year, we work on a national level with patients in facilites through out the country.

APS works directly with the patient and practitioner through each phase of the process. We will travel to and work on-site at any certified prosthetic facility in the country. The presence of the patient is required for our staff to administer the highest level of realism and clinical care. The number and length of visits will vary based on each individual case, but our schedule usually consists of an initial consultation, a second visit for customized coloring, and a final visit for fitting and delivery.